Pure natural ingredients.  Non-GMO grains, ultra low sugar and no raw starch.

Falls Creek Farm is a distributor and user of Total Feeds. The feed decision you make dramatically affects your horse’s quality of life, health, and how long they remain active and useful. First and foremost, horses are grass eaters, not grain eaters, or fat eaters, or sugar beet eaters.  Their digestive system requires a low-fat diet, just like grass, to create and sustain vibrant health.

The perfect extreuded horse feed for 95% of all horses of any age and activity level.

Total Feeds Grown and Manufactured in the USA.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee. 100% money back guarantee! Feed for 30 days as recommended, if you do not have positive results, please contact us.

Results you can trust. Free Choice Capable. Incredibly safe.

Pure natural ingredients. No cheap Sun Cured Alfalfa. Gluten free, No GMO grains. No cheap filler by-products like Ground roughage products, Soybean hulls, Rice hulls, Peanut shells. No corn with deadly aflatoxin risk. No Beet Pulp, Wheat Middlings, or any low cost fillers. Just the very best ingredients skillfully processed with pure spring water and packed in human food grade bags.
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Results you can trust.
Free Choice Capable.
Incredibly safe.
American made.

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